Glorious Council International Ministry (GCIM) is an evangelistic ministry that believes in bringing people closer to God through the teaching of the Gospels, Prayers, Power and Love.

At GCIM we believe it is our duty to let the world know about Jesus Christ and experience his power and love through undiluted teaching. Anyone can attend the house of God is open to everyone despite your background, your sexuality, your ethnicity, your culture or your faith. God loves all the world this is why he gave his only son to die for all the world God did not discriminate so we also do not.

Founder and Senior Pastor of the “Glorious Council International Ministry” based in London, UK, Marie MATY is an exceptional gift to the body of Christ.
Born in the city of Douala, CAMEROON, Marie MATY is the symbol of how to be a servant for God and his Kingdom.

Pregnant at the age of 15, and in the middle of her academic year, Marie is exposed to all forms of humiliation, domestic violence, and emotional abuse. It is in this cocktail of misadventure that she meets the Lord Jesus Christ and gives her life to the fullest in 2012.

From depression, suicidal ideation, rejection, and all forms of abuse to impacting nations, changing lives and mentoring many.
Today, Marie MATY operates in the prophetic office. The clarity of her teaching makes her an outstanding speaker in the school of ministry.

A wonderful mother to Jaydon, Jayson and Jeremiah. An exceptional businesswoman, and an outstanding leader for our generation.
It is through her story, that Mary has the capacity to transform the life’s of the young adults that she comes into contact with. When society may have dismissed them and labelled them as failure, she encourages them to be the best version of themselves.