Testimony One

Good afternoon everyone I’m just here to give God all the praises and honour because you are a great God an awesome God. This is my testimony I do know if anyone remember when our prophetess pray for my partner in our healing and deliverance group night and following that she did an another pray on tuesday of week gone and told us by Friday something will happen whether you believe me are not this Friday as in yesterday my partner was feeling much better is energy was back he feeling much he say he feel like something as leave his body I just wanted to share this awesome experience with u guys just know that God is able and he will do it for you and your family in Jesus name amen. 🙏🏾🙏🏾 Stacey UK

Testimony Two

People of God help me thank the Lord for ever so faithful to fail his own God has starting putting a smile on my face as the WOG prayed for me on Saturday during the tongues of fire praying night God is doing what only him can do. All the glory be given to him. Thank WOG for making yourself available for God to use may God continue to empower you like never before in Jesus mighty name amen. Sister Solange USA

Testimony Three

Good evening Glorious Council
I want to give a Testimony
On Friday I couldn’t attend the Bible cause I was not having data, so when I came online I saw the message which the WOG asked me to private chat I do as she directed me to I complain of my health the irregular periods, pains in my belly and purging. 

To cut the story short she asked me to put my hand on my belly and she prayed for me immediately the pain disappeared and she asked me to get a cup of water which I did and she prayed again asked me to drink the water since then I have not gone to the toilet for the past 2hour now.
I give God the glory I thank God for healing in my life
And I pray WOG may almighty God continue to give you strength in Jesus mighty name Amen more grace and anointing my prophetess.          Sister from Nigeria

Testimony Four

Good morning brethren. I’ve got a testimony. So for the past 2weeks I’ve been having this pain on my wrist like I sprained it. It’s been so painful I could barely use my right hand to do anything. But yesterday during the tongues of fire, God revealed it to the WOG and as she prayed, behold I receive an instant healing. My hand is healed, no more pain,i tnk baba Jesus for my permanent healing🙏🏿. Sister Sharon UK

Testimony Five

Blessing time: Couple weeks ago I ask you all to join me. As one of my manager was being difficult. Today God has turned everything around for me she is now giving me so much favour and listening to my suggestion. I want to take God for His divine favour!