Sunday 28th August 2022 Sermon by Ps. Marie Maty

Sunday 28th August 2022 Sermon by Ps. Marie Maty

Summary of Sunday Sermon by Ps. Marie Maty
Sunday 28th August 2022

2 kings 18:1-3
Hezekiah means Yahweh strengthens
Hezekiah’s parents practiced evil and it was expected that he does evil too because of what his forefathers deed. However, Hezekiah chose a different path by choosing to do what was right before the Lord. He chose to worship God despite what his family had done

2 Kings 18:4-8
Hezekiah removed the high places and broke the sacred pillars, he cut down the hidden image and broke in pieces the bronze serpent that Moses had made since the children of Israel were now worshipping it. We have to learn that God’s our only source and we have to run to Him for everything that we need cause He gives freely without asking for anything in return, unlike the devil who always asks for interest.
Hezekiah trusted God. How many of us can boast of our trust in God just like Hezekiah? Trusting God also means following the commandments and laws of God. It’s in this that God prospered him. Hence it’s in trusting in God that we prosper. It’s only God who can move the heart of men to be vision helpers to you.

2 Kings 18:19-26
There’s a consequence when you chose to not serve the devil but serve God. The enemy will not be happy with you. He will try to make you doubt the power of God and goodness of God over your life and will try to give you an ultimatum. But as children of God, we don’t negotiate with the enemy. We don’t compromise. Jesus has rewritten every contract made with the enemy and His verdict is paid in full and so we don’t have to be afraid.
We are going to face tribulations and trouble but God will never leave us alone.
The enemy will try to shame God or embarrass God in your life. Let’s not be like Sarah who could no longer trust God and went against the plan of God. We have to learn to trust God and wait on Him. God is not a man that He should lie to.

King Hezekiah took his problems before God and sought His help. This is the same way that We ought to seek God. Acknowledging His might and that only Him can change your situation around. Only Him can do what man can do. Because you have humbled yourself and prayed to God, He will come through for you lol He did for king Hezekiah.

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